ISSA maintains extensive collection of books, CD’s, and tapes in various disciplines of Islamic studies. Most books are in English. It also includes children collection, Arabic Books, and magazines such as Al-Jumuah, The Message, The Fountain, al-Bayan, and others. ISSA started organizing books and other items in the Masjid’s library in late 2004. Most books and CD’s that are currently in the library were purchased after this time. All items are catalogued in a master listing. A simple numbering scheme is used to identify each item. See the form at the bottom of this page if interested in abridged listing.

Library Rules – As published in January 2005

Assalaamu 'Alaikum;

Respected Community members are encouraged to use library items primarily inside the Masjid. If you need to take any item out, please follow the simple rules below:

1. Fill in the form provided. You may find the form on the side of the bookcase or on the desk nearby.
2. Write ID number from the tag label. Look for the label on the inside back cover of the book. ID number may be found above the item's title.
3. Fill in the "date taken", name and contact info.
4. Most Books, CD's, and Tapes are identified by an ISSA label as well as a tag label. If there is no label, please fill in the item's identifier information.
5. Books shall be returned within 2 weeks. Tapes and CD's may be borrowed for 1 week. Mark date item was returned, or fill another line for renewal.

Please note:
-There is currently one copy for most of the items. Please return promptly to allow other users to benefit from the Library.
-It is our desire for this small Library to grow and be of benefit to the Community. If you would like to donate useful items (used or new) or suggest new items to buy, please let us know.

Dhul-Qi'da ,1425
January, 2005

If you live in the Seacoast Area of NH or Southern Maine you may request an abridged listing of ISSA’s Library contents using the form below.

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